Survey Party Chief, City of Sacramento - LSIT required

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Survey Party Chief, City of Sacramento - LSIT required

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Survey Party Chief, City of Sacramento - 2 positions open

$57,997.07 to $81,948.34 per year, 5% more for PLS, 3% for Associate Degree or 5% for higher degree ... nitiesJobs

ISSUE DATE: 10/04/17




To perform supervisory and advanced technical surveying work and to be responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the operation of a field party making land and engineering surveys.


Work of this class involves performing complex technical engineering survey work and direct supervision of a field survey party. Incumbents apply precise surveying knowledge and techniques.


Direction is provided by a higher level supervisory or management position. Responsibilities include the direct and indirect supervision of technical subordinates.


Depending upon assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Direct a survey party in making a variety of surveys including land surveys to determine locations of property lines, boundaries, easements, and right-of-ways; topographic surveys to determine locations and elevations of existing improvements, structures, and topographic features; construction surveys for improvement projects; surveys to establish and adjust benchmarks; and surveys to establish and monument street centerlines.
Keep accurate, orderly, and legible field notes of work performed showing lines, angles, distances, benchmarks, mathematical calculations, and other data pertinent to the field survey.
Compute and adjust angles, distances, bearings, traverses, and elevations.
Operate survey instruments and instruct other party members in their operations.
Perform a variety of office surveying duties including researching existing records and compiling data required for current survey projects and computing data to be shown on maps.
Supervise, train, and evaluate the performance of technical subordinates.
Perform related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of:

Surveying methods, practices, and techniques.
Legal aspects of surveying.
Algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
Elementary principles and practices of engineering as related to surveying.
Sources of information concerning previous land surveys.
Principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation.
Personal computers, including surveying software.
Current generation of field survey computers.
Ability to:
Understand and interpret legal descriptions and record survey maps.
Understand and interpret engineering plans, diagrams, and notes.
Use and care for surveying instruments and equipment.
Make accurate and legible field survey notes.
Perform complex mathematical calculations with speed and accuracy.
Plan and organize the work of a field survey party to achieve optimum efficiency.
Supervise, train, and evaluate subordinate field survey personnel.

Two years of experience comparable to an Engineering Aide II with the City of Sacramento.


Three years of experience as a member of a survey party performing lead chain, rod and instrument operator duties.

License of Certificate:

Possession of a valid Land-Surveyor-In-Training Certificate in the State of California at the time of appointment. Land-Surveyor-In-Training Certificate must be verifiable.
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