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Skynex Industrial Drones | World's Premier Drone Store

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Dear CLSA members:

We are very pleased to join the California Surveyors' Forums. As the CEO of Skynex Global Drones, Ltd., I would like to offer a very brief introduction of Skynex Global Drones, Ltd., also operating under the name of Skynex Industrial Drones. The overview of Skynex offers some insight into the general structure we use to operate our business, and how this structure has served us well in terms of helping investors find the right drone for the right purpose. Our knowledge and expertise of the drone industry remains unparalleled, and we remain readily available to all CLSA members, at no cost, who are looking for a customized/tailored industrial drone solution, whether it be for mapping and surveying more generally, or any other industrial activity, such as mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, etc.. We're always more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with others.

Frank Smit
CEO | Skynex Global Drones, Ltd.


Skynex Global Drones is the world's leading drone store, and for good reasons. Below you'll find the top 3 reasons why Skynex Global Drones is the world's leading drone store, and why you should buy your next new drone from Skynex.


1. Best Price Guaranteed: All drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones and Skynex Global Drones are offered on a "best price guaranteed" basis. What this means is, not only do we offer price matching (where a company matches the lower price of a competitor), but we go further to give you the best deal on the market. In other words, if you find a better price on a drone, we're open to negotiating to offer you a better deal. Why? Simple. Because we want to do business with you. We are passionate about drones, and the only way for us to keep doing what we're doing is by making sure people continue to do business with us.

2. Unparalleled Expertise: Our expertise in the drone industry is unmatched. Firstly, we keep current with the latest news and innovations in the drone industry. Secondly, Skynex Global Drones does not represent or act on behalf of any single drone manufacturer. This allows us to draw upon multiple sources of what we perceive to be the best, latest, and highest quality drone products for our customers and investors. Drone companies know their products very well. Inevitably, they are biased in favour of their own products. Skynex Global Drones, however, knows all the drone companies, and all their drone products. We are independent, neutral, and unbiased. The drone solution we recommend to our customers and investors are done so solely on what we perceive to be the best available drone solution to meet our customers needs and expectations.

3. There are more than 3 reasons to do business with Skynex: that's right. Our third reason why you should buy your next drone from Skynex Global Drones is that there are in fact many more good reasons why people should do business with Skynex. In addition to friendly and readily available professional support, and leaving aside from the fact that we personalize every drone order to meet the individual needs of each customer, whether that means adding a few extra batteries to make sure the job gets done, or included a frost resistant drone carrying case to operate in cold environments, Skynex also offers:

  • Free shipping on all orders;
  • 0% sales tax for all U.S. orders;
  • 1 Year FREE Skynex Care and Repair services;
  • 24 hour order processing;
  • $100,000 identity protection FREE;
  • Secure payment.

Did we mention the rich and varied selection of drones offered by Skynex Global and Skynex Industrial Drones?


Skynex Industrial Drones offers a general categorization of drones intended to facilitate the ability of investors and potential buyers to find drone solutions that meet their needs. The general categories of drones currently available at Skynex Industrial Drones include the following:

  • Commercial Drones for Sale: drones that can be used towards profitable ends. The most obvious example would be a professional photography drone used to offer professional photography services. Commercial drones are further broken down into various commercial activities, as seen further below.
  • Industrial Drones for Sale: drones that can be used as tools or accessories to existing industrial activities. These industrial activities are broken down into categories and subcategories representing different industry sectors and activities within these same industry sectors.
  • Public Agency Drones: public agency drones feature drones that can be deployed by government agencies, for instance, for fire fighting operations, military operations, search and rescue operations, or policing activities, such as traffic surveillance.
  • Inspection Drones for Sale: inspection drones are generally equipped or, compatible with superior aerial photography equipment with ultra-high definition videos, as well as powerful zoom capabilities.
  • Surveying Drones for Sale: surveying drones features drones with specialized payload capabilities, such as thermal imaging cameras, 2D and 3D mapping, and more.

In addition to general drone categories, Skynex Industrial also allows investors to explore drone Cameras for Sale, as well as camera grips . Potential buyers and investors can also explore commercial or industrial drones by examining specific drone features and characteristics.


Commercial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones include: delivery drones; film & television drones; insurance drones; media & journalism drones; photography drones; real estate marketing drones; sports & training drones; travel & tourism drones; wedding & celebration drones


Industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones currently include the following industrial sectors:

Infrastructure drones, mining and quarrying drones, and oil and gas drones are further broken down into subcategories that represent more specific activities within these industries.


Oil and gas drones are categorized as follows:


Infrastructure drones for sale consists of drone capable of performing highly detailed oriented inspections of various vertical and horizontal structures:


Mining and quarrying drones are categorized according to their ability to perform various missions throughout different phases of the mining and quarrying lifecycle:

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