SMUD Hiring Survey Engineering Tech

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SMUD Hiring Survey Engineering Tech

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To apply: please go to

Performs technical surveying duties for property, construction, precise surveys (including engineering, deformation and as-built surveys), and topographical survey functions.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

Work includes but is not limited to the following:
(Note: While in general all functions/duties are essential, individual positions within this class may not require all.) This list is not intended to be complete or exhaustive.
    - Sets up, operates, cleans, adjusts, and performs routine maintenance on surveying instruments such as transits, theodolites, levels, global positioning survey systems (GPS), and electronic distance measuring instruments.
    - Uses surveying instruments to determine points, lines, elevations, and distances for property, construction, triangulation, precise traverse, and topographic surveys.
    - Transcribes observed and computed data onto standardized forms; maintains records; checks data, field sketches, field books, and calculations for accuracy.
    - Makes calculations using hand-held calculators or personal computer on surveying data such as temperature corrections, slope reduction, triangulations, precise traverse, closures, and areas.
    - Reviews records, deeds and plans and interprets maps, drawings, and diagrams; makes rough field sketches as required.
    - Assists in training lower level technicians and in directing their work on the survey crew.
    - Performs basic duties on a survey crew, such as clearing brush, determining and setting markers, taking routine measurements, assessing potential job site safety hazards.
    - Assists in locating and identifying monuments, benchmarks, property markers, and other reference points required for survey control.
    - Locates underground electrical facilitates using metrotech equipment.
    - Assists in checking right-of-way drawings using AutoCAD and AutoDesk civil/survey AEC tools and software as needed.

Minimum Qualifications :

Knowledge of:
Basic and complex land, topographic, and construction surveying prin- ciples and practices; computer software applications for surveying work including AutoCAD/Soft desk, TINs and DTMs; hand held calculators with SMI survey software; Global Positioning System (GPS) systems and soft- ware surveying applications; mathematics to perform basic arithmetic, trigonometric, and statistical computations; proper English usage, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling; primary program objectives and functions of assigned area; mandated workplace/field safety training; relevant SAP modules.

Skill to:
Accurately calculate and interpret maps and construction plans; perform technical work with rod and chain; set up , operate, clean, and adjust survey instruments; research SMUD. Sacramento County, and City records to prepare job packages; understand and follow complex or brief oral and written instructions; communicate effectively and clearly in English in person and by telephone with other staff; establish and maintain effective office procedures, records, sketches, note keeping, and associated files; work in a safe and effective manner; meet and deal tactfully with contractors, designers, regulators, property owners, and other employees; operate personal computers and use/modify designated software programs and data bases; and use a variety of business office equipment.

Education and Experience:
Two (2) years surveying experience. Equivalent to completion of sufficient formal and/or informal education to provide the necessary knowledge and skills.

Licenses/Certificates :

Possession of a valid California Class C Drivers License.

Desirable Qualifications :
Experience with AutoCAD
Office Survey Skills (Drafting topographic maps, staking calculations, drafting maps/plats)
GPS & Robotic Total Station Experience
Land-Surveyor-In-Training Certificate
Bachelor's degree in a related field

Physical Requirements :
Applicants must be able to perform the essential job functions with or without a reasonable accommodation.

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