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Wanted: Wild T1A Tribrach without optical plummet

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:13 pm
by Peter Ehlert
I just acquired a Wild T1A, exactly like the one I cut my teeth on in 1970.
They were the Best of the Best in the day...
SN: T1A-162856
It may actually be the same one, perhaps Cousin Dick bought this one from Mitchel and Heryford.

The optics are great, was getting ready to check the adjustments but I don't have a tribrach! Yep, I should have checked, Maybe Mark had one in the corner. Oh well!

I want one Without Optical Plummet (hole in middle) but not having much luck other than new $20 plus shipping from China.
Hoping to find a Genuine Wild..

with the advent of inexpensive tripods and optical plummet tribrachs we started leapfrogging we kinda misplaced the originals.
somebody probably has a bunch of them, or at leat one.