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Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 8:34 am
by robert reese
This receiver is in NEARLY NEW CONDITION.
This unit was purchased in 2018 intended as a network base station by a dredging contractor in Southern California.
It was never installed and was used as a rover only a few times.
Batteries have been maintained; receiver updated with latest firmware.
For more information or additional photos, contact APCI, 805.772.7472, M-F 8-5.

SP80, with internal UHF Radio; + LT30 + SurvCE (GPS) +Brackets
PN 94334-50; SP80 GNSS Single Receiver Kit with UHF 430-470, MHz 2WTRx
SP80 GNSS Receiver
PN 92600-10 - Battery - Li-Ion, 2.6Ah, 7.4V 19.2 Wh (x2)
PN 61116-10 - Charger - Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger PN 78651-SPN - Power Cord Kit with C7 Connector
PN 78650-SPN - Power Supply,65W,19V,3.42A,100-240VAC
PN 93374 - Tape Measure, 3.6m / 12ft PN 88400-50-SPN - Extension Pole 7cm PN 67901-11 - Cable USB Client to Host
PN 802142-02 - Hard Case, including Large Soft Bag Product Software and Documentation Leaflet
SP80 Quick Start Guide
Anti-Theft Technology Sticker 2 year manufacturer's warranty

PN 92673-00 - SP80 UHF Kit, 2W TRx, 410-470 MHz
consisting of:
SP80 UHF Module (410-470 Mhz 2W TRx)­
(xx PN 89937-10: Fiberglass Range Pole 2m PN 95860: Range Pole Soft Bag (THIS ITEM IS NOT INCLUDED)
PN 95672: SP80 Pole Extension 25 cm-Torx T25 Screwdriver
PN 94336 - SP80 Office Power Kit:
PN 59044-SPN: Cable - Data/Power, 1.5m, DB9(F) to 0S/7P/M to SAE
PN88769-SPN: Cable - Adapter, 0.15m, SAE to DC socket(2.1mm)
PN 90938-SPN: Cable - Adapter USB to RS232
PN 67410-11 -Antenna Portable, 6" Rubber Duck, 427-475 MHz