EDUCATION in SD County - Sign up NOW

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EDUCATION in SD County - Sign up NOW

Postby Rob_LS » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:16 am

Hey Folks,

There is always a lot of talk about education, college programs closing or on the verge of closing, continuing education, recruiting new people into surveying, and getting well trained staff when we need to hire. Here is your chance to do something more than talk about it. Address all of these issues at once.

If you need to learn CAD skills, or know someone who does, or even someone who may want to be a surveyor some day, have them sign up for the CAD class at Cuyamaca College NOW! If you are a licensed professional who will hire in the future, you to can sign up and get a look at potential recruits. How about having an inside track to recruiting? Or giving someone a 16 week long interview?

Classes will be cancelled if they don't have the numbers to support them.

There is ONE surveying class at Cuyamaca this year:
Survey Drafting Technology SURV-127-6118
Saturdays 08:00 to 14:40.

"Professional Civil Engineering/Surveyor's office method drafting course that applies the basic skills and techniques acquired in CADD 115. Land surveying, land development procedures, legal descriptions, topographical analysis, earthworks, geographic control and subdivision processes will be covered. Also listed as CADD 127."

08/19/2019-12/16/2019 Lecture Saturday 08:00AM - 09:50AM, Bldg F, Room 601 08/19/2019-12/16/2019 Laboratory/Studio/Activity Saturday 10:35AM - 02:40PM, Bldg F, Room 601

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