One Available Seat - Mr. RIGHT'S SEMINAR: LS Review on 9/7&8/2019

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One Available Seat - Mr. RIGHT'S SEMINAR: LS Review on 9/7&8/2019

Postby LAROWS » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:37 pm

Greetings everyone,

Mr. Right's Seminar is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. We still have one available seat. If you are interested, please register immediately due to first-come, first-served.

Please follow the instructional below:

1. Send an e-mail to: with your name, telephone, e-mail, and a note to reserve a seat.
2. Use PayPal at to pay $650 to a PayPal account named

This 2-day boot-camp seminar is for individuals who are seeking an in-depth understanding of today's exams and want to be able to make intelligent and prudent decisions. You will learn how to:

- Streamline your study habits and topics in your own words
- Develop an attitude for success and personal technique for time management
- Become comfortable with computer based studying and test-taking methods
- Set your study goals and maximize your time for studying
- Network with other students to help ensure your knowledge and readiness
- Understand and apply your knowledge of how to make quick decisions.
- Gain confident and understand the strategies of avoiding mistakes.

Location: The Hotel Huntington Beach
7667 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Discuss subjects in the areas of:

- Boundary Surveys
- Easements
- Legal Descriptions
- Public Land Surveys
- Water Boundary Surveys

Discuss topics related to Subdivision Map Act:

- Different types of maps
- Tentative and Final Maps
- Parcel Map
- Mapping criteria
- Mapping requirements
- Local Agencies requirements
- Map review and approval
- Easement and Dedication
- Abandonment
- Life of Tentative Map
- Parcels Merger
- Development rights
- Exemptions and exceptions
- Certificate of Compliance
- Lot Line Adjustment

Discuss topics related to Board Rules and Professional Land Surveyors’ Act:

- Land Surveying Business and Business Title
- Roles and Responsibilities of a land surveyor
- Provisions and Contract requirements
- Responsible Charge
- Right of Entry
- Professional obligations
- When to file record of survey or a corner record
- Monumentation
- Technical requirements

Thank you,

-- Henry Bui, PE & LS
Cellular: (714) 688-6575

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