BPELSG Needs Land Surveyor Expert Consultants

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BPELSG Needs Land Surveyor Expert Consultants

Postby Ric7308 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:58 am

BPELSG is in urgent need for more land surveyor expert consultants to assist the Board’s Enforcement Unit with technical review of complaints during the investigation process. Having a sufficient and diverse pool of land surveyor experts is vital towards ensuring an efficient and effective investigation of complaints.

If you are eligible, interested, and available to assist BPELSG with this process, please complete the Areas of Expertise form located at https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/licensees/expertswanted.shtml and submit to Alicia Newcomb by email at Alicia.newcomb@dca.ca.gov or if you have any questions, please direct those to Alicia at (916) 263-2274

Thank you

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