CRTN Assistance: UCD1

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CRTN Assistance: UCD1

Postby Jim Frame » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:49 am

I'm an occasional CRTN user, and often go months without connecting to the network. Since UCD1 is near my office it's the mountpoint that I use the most, but when I tried to connect a couple of weeks ago I only got error messages. I was able to use other CRTN mountpoints, but not UCD1. I contacted Yehuda Bock, and after some back-and-forth he acknowledged that something was amiss. Since UCD1 is controlled by BARD, the data and responsibility chains are a bit convoluted, but eventually Mario Aranha at BARD entered the conversation. Right in the middle of troubleshooting discussions BARD executed a scheduled upgrade of UCD1, replacing both receiver and antenna, which further complicated matters.

I did some sleuthing using SNIP, a desktop NTRIP package, and found an anomaly in the UCD1 L1 datastream coming through CRTN. I'm not sophisticated enough to understand the details, I only know that the L1 stream from UCD1 is identified by SNIP as being different from that of other CRTN (and BARD) mountpoints ("L1P" versus "L1C"). I also found that the transmitted antenna message didn't appear to correctly reflect the hardware upgrade. Finally, I sent a file from my rover to Javad tech support, and they report something wrong with the L1 data coming out of UCD1.

However, I'd like to know that the problem isn't isolated somehow to my particular circumstances, so I'm asking for help: I'd like another CRTN user to connect their rover to UCD1 and report the results. Anyone?

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