Calling all CAD Drafters and Office Surveyors!
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Calling all CAD Drafters and Office Surveyors!

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The Riverside County Transportation Department is responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of roads, bridges and transportation facilities within the unincorporated areas of the County - an area of about 7,300 square miles. Our primary focus is to protect the health and safety of our growing resident population and improve the quality of life through a variety of critical activities, including but not limited to, engineering design, construction and maintenance of County roads; review of plans and construction of transportation facilities by private land development; administer the use of County right of way through encroachment permits; and land surveying and map processing.

Calling all CAD Drafters and Office Surveyors!
Do you enjoy working on a variety of preliminary, right-of-way, photogrammetric, property and geodetic surveys? Do you enjoy new technology, flying drones? Do you have experience working on Caltrans Interchanges, land nets, right-of-way appraisal maps, and road widenings? Are you ready for job security with great benefits? Then the County of Riverside Transportation Department might be a great fit for you!

For more information about this great opportunity click on the following link: ... edWindow=0 or you may contact me at

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