Unique Business Opportunity in San Diego

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Unique Business Opportunity in San Diego

Postby mpallamary » Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:38 pm

I wish to present a unique opportunity for an established company or, for someone looking to establish their own land surveying and land use firm, in La Jolla. I have been in business since 1980 and have established a well-respected business with plenty of work. In 1980, I acquired the business interests of the late Thomas Shuttleworth, LS 2717. Mr. Shuttleworth worked almost exclusively in La Jolla and Del Mar. Combined with my own work, I own and maintain the largest collection of land surveying maps and records of La Jolla, Mission Beach, and Del Mar. I also own the records of Barry Rockwell, LS 4639. Barry did a lot of work in La Jolla and within the coastal cities.

I am at the stage in life where I want to write and spend more time with my grandchildren. Accordingly, I am considering several business models moving forward. One of these involves selling my business to one or more surveyors who want to go into business and, as part of that process, to acquire a number of blue-chip clients, mostly in La Jolla and the coastal areas. If this is an option, I intend to remain involved with the business as I enjoy wonderful business relationships and I am in a position to generate new work. Alternately, a successor can go it as he/she pleases.

When I first established my business, Precision Survey & Mapping, I took on very little construction work. Today, I do not do any construction layout as my work is comprised of boundary surveys, topographical mapping, land use consultation and expert witness work. This business model takes me across the State of California and involves a lot of very interesting projects. If you like challenges and earning a good fee, this type of work might be of interest to you. Another alternative is to work with another survey firm, or individual, who can provide me with field services and related support. There are many options to consider.

Lastly, for an established firm, either a land surveying, engineering, or planning firm, this is an excellent opportunity to operate out of La Jolla, from a prestigious address, while working with some of the country’s more successful and affluent individuals. My clients own football and baseball teams and run or operate some of the most successful businesses in this country. They may hire larger firms to build a baseball park or a football stadium or new buildings. They hire me to handle their personal matters.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact me. All communications will be confidential. I can be reached at 858-454-4094 or mpallamary@pallamaryandassociates.com

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