Multiple remainder parcels?

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Multiple remainder parcels?

Postby 40 CHAINS » Wed Mar 17, 2021 9:44 am

Hello fellow surveyors,

Civil engineer/developer has proposed a phased map to redevelop a property where we're trying to re-subdivide 5 existing parcels into 3 new parcels and the rest being 4 remainders. The 4 remainders would basically be 4 leftover pieces from 4 of the existing parcels we're starting with. My understanding is that the reason for multiple remainder parcels would be the different ownership of the existing parcels.
Has anyone heard of multiple remainder parcels on a map? or even one remainder with multiple pieces that are not contiguous for that matter?
Is something like that doable/legal?
Thanks for any insight,

Chris C

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Re: Multiple remainder parcels?

Postby steffan » Wed Mar 17, 2021 1:01 pm

The attached AG opinion provides guidance on this issue. Read deeper than just the conclusion as the rest of the document provides different guidance as to different specific situations.
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Re: Multiple remainder parcels?

Postby Ian Wilson » Wed Mar 17, 2021 1:29 pm

Probably not...

See also Pescosolido v. Smith, 142 Cal.App.3d 964 (Cal. Ct. App. 1983) and Pratt v. Adams, 229 Cal.App.2d 602 (Cal. Ct. App. 1964)
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