CORRECTION to 2020 Water Boundaries

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CORRECTION to 2020 Water Boundaries

Postby E_Page » Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:40 pm

Among the materials I provided to the conference folks for the Water Boundaries LS Review session for the conference last August was a PDF titled "Water Boundaries & Survey Research 2020 Questions w Answers".

In that document, Question #33 is: True or False: The bed of a river channel caused by avulsion
is owned by the owner of the upland parcel that it cut through.

"False" is incorrectly indicated as the correct answer.

"True" is the correct answer.

If you or anyone you know has a copy of that PDF, please make the appropriate correction.

Sorry for the blunder and any confusion it may have caused.

Credit for the catch goes to Mark Petrie of Caltrans who took it upon himself to do the research of finding and studying applicable case law to assure himself that he was correct and the document I provided in error. And thanks also goes to Mark for brining it to my attention so that I can make the correction and offer this announcement.
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