Retiring, Surveying equipment for sale

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Retiring, Surveying equipment for sale

Postby pls5528 » Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:57 pm

I have retired and moved to Oregon. I would like to sell some of my used surveying eqipment, which include a Topcon GPT Prismless Total Station. This comes with case, charger and an extra battery. Both batteries were recelled a couple of years ago, and hold charge for a good share of the day. The only defect is the missing trunion on the triberach, which is purely cosmetic (see pictures). The specs are as follows:Topcon GPT-2006 Prismless Total Station

Specification :
-Magnification: 30X
-Image: Erect
-Minimum focusing distance: 1.3m/4.3
-Angle accuracy: 6/1.5 mgon
-Angle minimum display reading: 1/5
-Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon
-Distance measurement: 1 Prism: 22,900
-Distance measurement to prismless mode: 492
-Distance measurement precision: (3mm+2ppm)
-Distance measuring time: 2.5s+every 0.5s tracking mode
-Distance measuring time: 2.5s+every 0.5s coarse mode
-Distance measuring time: 3s+every 1.0s fine mode
-Distance minimum display: 1mm/0.003ft
-Display: Dual
-Data input/output: RS-232C
-Internal memory: 8,000 points for data recording or 16,000 points for layout
-Compensator: Liquid dual axis
-Compensating range/Accuracy: 3/1
-Optical plummet: Erect 3X
-Weight: 5kg, 11lbs including tribrach and battery

Includes :
-GPT-2006 Total station
-Topcon Tribrach
-2 Batteries
-1 Charger
-Original carrying case
I am asking $1000 for this item.
The next item is a schonstedt ga‑52cx magnetic locator. Used, but in very good shape with manual book in case. I am asking $450 for this item.
Finally, I am selling two tibarachs with adaptors and a prism. I am asking $125 for all of those units.

If you are intersted, contact me at : Mike Walters 916-813-5528 and/or

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