Land Planning Workshop In Fremont

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Land Planning Workshop In Fremont

Postby Sunburned_Surveyor » Sun May 21, 2017 10:56 am

How Did 2016 Court Decisions In California Impact Land Planning In California?

I'm teaching and all day workshop in Fremont, California on Friday, July 14th. It will answer this important question. Here is a list of topics discussed by the California courts in 2016 that we will talk about during the workshop:

- How to establish baseline conditions and establish a change from the baseline in an EIR.
- How to handle parking issues in an urban development EIR.
- Issues related to the timing on an EIR and the design of a project.
- Why it is important to properly describe locations in a general plan.
- How to structure fees for affordable housing projects and the relationship between these fees and regulatory takings.
- The impact of municipal annexations on local land use.
- The link between the general plan and land subdivision approvals.
- They type of EIR analysis that is needed for general plan changes.
- The difference between calculating fee schedules and calculating fees on an individual project.

This workshop is design to provide practical lessons of 2061 court decisions for working land planners, land developers, and land surveyors involved in land development. The workshop will explain the court cases in simple language. It will also consider the larger policy implications of the court decisions discussed.

You can register here:

You can pay online with a credit card here:

We can also mail you an invoice if you don't want to pay online.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!


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