California Department of Water Resources is hiring Surveyors

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California Department of Water Resources is hiring Surveyors

Postby Patrick Tami » Thu May 06, 2021 6:42 am

Do you have an LSIT or PLS?
Want to participate in shaping California's future through water resources. If you do the California Department of Water Resources has immediate openings for you. We offer ample opportunities for professional advancement and training, organizational membership, along with State government service benefits. Work and learn with the experts, expand your horizon, and be your best – join our respected team and take charge of your career.

DWR surveyors work on projects all over California, from mountains, rivers and dams, the Delta, through pumping plants, pipelines, and canals, to lakes and reservoirs providing water to families, plants, and wildlife.

How to apply for a career at DWR
Step 1: Assessment – Education & Experience. This step gets you on the surveyor’s “list”.
a. Visit above link
b. Select “Exams/Assessment Search”
c. Search “Surveyor”
d. Select “Transportation Surveyor (CalTrans)”
Step 2. Search and apply for our open positions.
a. Search the link above for “Surveyor”
b. Make sure Department states “Department of Water Resources”
c. Apply before the deadline

NOTE: DWR surveyors are called Transportation Surveyor (CalTrans).
Make sure the position is with the Department of Water Resources to take advantage of this opportunity.

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